Thanksgiving in the tropics!

For dinner, a rooster!   We do what we can when there’s no turkey available…

He’s the weather vane off the church at the Catholic mission in Bagamoyo, which I visited on (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend.

About 70km up the coast from Dar, Bagamoyo once served as the terminus of the trade caravan and slave route between Lake Tanganyika and the sea.  David Livingstone’s body was brought there (bundled in canvas, slung from a pole, and carried over a thousand miles from Zambia by his trusty companions Susi and Chuma) after he died in 1873.  Seven hundred freed slaves kept wake as his body was laid in a chapel for a night before being taken to Zanzibar en route to Westminster abbey.

             Livingstone Tower

Bagamoyo has since sunk into obscurity but/therefore it makes an excellent weekend get-away from Dar.  Two hours by bus ($1.15), a banda on the beach ($15.00 b&b) with a glorious view (included), and a fabulous ocean breeze to cool me down (free)!

Unpretentious from the outside…

Colorful Zanzibari bed on the inside…

And a fine view to wake up to!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the tropics!

  1. Thank you, Marion, for such an interesting and inspiring post! I love the historical and cultural information. I am so glad to think that you have such a lovely place to retreat to. The banda and the view bring back many memories of my early life in Kenya. Marje

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